Charlot 1er

Fish and Seafood restaurant in Cagnes sur Mer

The seafood, shellfish and fish restaurant The Charlot 1er of Cagnes sur mer, welcomes you in its cozy atmosphere.

This restaurant was founded thirty years ago by Gilbert BOTTIER. It is his son, Jerome who took the direction of this brewery type restaurant.

You will enjoy a traditional bouillabaisse or fish of the day at Charlot 1er, or even fresh seafood, lobster, poached or salad homar, shellfish, sea bream and much more.

Jérôme was trained by Grand Chef Jacques Maximin, hence his perfect mastery of cooking and his knowledge of products.

The specialty of this restaurant: fish. There is sole, sea bass, chapon, red mullet, squids ... Le Charlot 1st stock up at the port of Cros de Cagnes sur Mer, a few kilometers from the restaurant.

Le Charlot 1er, a family tradition...........

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Charlot 1er

The interior room of the restaurant Charlot 1er in Cros de Cagnes

Charlot 1er

The interior room of the restaurant Charlot 1er in Cros de Cagnes

Charlot 1er

The interior room of the restaurant Charlot 1er in Cros de Cagnes

Charlot 1er

Terrace of the restaurant in Cagnes overlooking the seaside

Charlot 1er

Facade of the restaurant Charlot 1er in Cagnes overlooking the seaside

Charlot 1er

1st floor dining room Charlot 1er restaurant with sea view

The restaurant dishes

Scallops with truffles and asparagus salad

The restaurant dishes

Plate of red mullet of the day in salad

The restaurant dishes

Plate of lobster in salad with shrimp and parmesan shavings

The platters

Seafood platter with oysters, sea urchins, crawdads, shrimps ...

The platters

Fish platter of the day, turbot, trawl, sea bass, sea bream, John Dory, chapon...

The restaurant dishes

Desserts, fresh, iced or hot, the sweet touch of end of meal



Zucchini flowers tempora

The plate of red mullet in salad caught during the day

The selection of hot and fresh starters

Sea food platter


6 oysters n°3, 1/2 rock crab, hard shell clam, soft shell clam, mussels, whelks, prawns...

All our missing products are replaced by the arrival of the day.



Oysters and crawdads in bulk

Sea urchins, oysters, clams, mussels and shrimps

Platter compound of seasonal seafood

Fish platter

53€ per person

In order to offer you the best seafood quality the assortment can vary according to the season.

Serving 2 persons minimum

La Bouillabaisse (traditional fish soup)

Serving 2 persons minimum

Fish platter

the composition of your plate may vary according to the season

Royal "Bouillabaisse"

Serving 2 persons, with spiny lobster

The scallops (in season)

Fishes & Shellfishes


(depending on arrivals)


(500g serving.)


Trawl, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Chapon, Sole, Turbot, John Dory

Crawfish and lobsters

The plate of lobster in salad


Homemade apple pie with ice-cream

Limoncello, in digestive or "trou Normand"






The Champagne selection of Charlot 1er

The wine cellar

Côte de provence Rosé AOP

Côte de provence Blanc AOP

Côte de provence Rouge AOP

Vin de Loire Blanc AOC

Vin de Loire Rouge AOC

Sélection de Bourgogne Blanc AOC

Sélection de Bourgogne Rouge AOC

Sélection de Bordeaux Rouge AOC

Vin d'Alsace Blanc AOC

Côtes du Rhône Blanc AOC




Charlot 1er

87 boulevard de la Plage
06800 Cros de Cagnes

Phone :

(+33) 04 93 31 00 07

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